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fie bras fat liver is a well-known part of French gastronomy. There are numerous other recipes apart from the Italian pizza, that have helped increase the richness of this food culture. Yes, the Chinese have reached here too, albeit just in the form of food. Have a look… It is an excellent garnish for risottos, soups, shares, sauces, potato dishes, steaks, salads, fish, and fried chicken, lamb, and goose. A 7 layer Mexican dip is delicious and tastes wonderful. The size of the rooms can also vary, as most of them are separated by a sliding partition wall. Add cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, celery, and sauté for about 3 – 4 minutes. It is prepared using oil, garlic, and onion. These are known to build up energy of the person.

Right from the times of the Mayans, with some strong influence from Spanish conquistadors, Mexican food culture has evolved into a unique blend of contemporary and timeless cuisine. Dinners normally consist of a four course meal, complete with appetizers, main course, bread and cheese, and a dessert to wrap it up. Being a landlocked province, this cuisine doesn’t have many fish dishes. No matter what the species of fish used, it can be cooked in a myriad of ways, such as spiced up Indian curry style, or stir-fried with noodles for an Asian taste, or the European way, baked, glazed and served with pasta. Typically, an Australian meat pie contains minced meat with some gravy. Apart from those mentioned below, coffee varieties like espresso, ristretto, grolla dell’amicizia made with coffee and grappa, marocchino, macchiato, corretto, and bicerin hot chocolate, coffee, and whipped cream are also popularly savoured in Italy. And, we’ve got biscuits and… Here are the common dishes that comprise Mexican food.

“We want to be able to share some of the finest cuisines ranging from simple grains with delicious flavors to complete meals with our new Marinades and Pilafs.” Wild Garden(R) Taste of the Mediterranean(TM) Marinades and Pilafs The chef-driven Taste of the Mediterranean line introduces three all natural Marinades and three delicious Pilafs, perfectly blended with over 13 Eastern Mediterranean spices and oils. In just ten-minutes, proteins are fully marinated and in 90-seconds the heat and serve pilafs create mouth-watering side dishes. Marinades Savor a delicious cultural Mediterranean experience in minutes with the full-flavored quick marinades. Just pour the marinade on beef, poultry, lamb or seafood, chill, and ten minutes later, bake, grill, pan fry or roast. Ranging from delicious spit roasted street food to traditional Mediterranean fare; Wild Garden has created three delectable marinades to capture a taste of the region: Shawarma: blend of cardamom, cumin and herbs famously known throughout the Mediterranean. Persian: blend of spices and herbs with notes of garlic, sumac and fennel. Turkish: Turkish kebab recipe with an exotic blend of tomatoes, cumin and garlic. Pilafs The heat and serve pilafs add robust flavors and classic Mediterranean spices and can be conveniently ready in 90 seconds in a microwave or skillet.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Wild Garden® Blooms with ’Taste of the Mediterranean™’: Marinades & Pilafs

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